Frequently Asked Questions

Have a look below at some of our mostly asked questions to see if this helps in your inquiry.

How warm is the pool?

The pool sits at 36 degrees. It is the warmest hydrotherapy pool in Sydney. Evidence shows that for the best results, the warmer the pool the most effective the exercises are.

Do I need a referral to come to Hydroworks?

No referral is needed if you would like to come as a private patient.
Those patients who are under CTP and workers compensation must have a referral from their nominated treating doctor.
Patients who wish to use the EPC (Enhanced Primary Care) plan or are DVA patrons should have their GP's write a referral to our practice.

I can't swim, what happens then?

There are grab rails which you can hold on to the entire time if you are unsure of the water. Most of the exercises prescribed are in the standing position, so there is no need to swim.

Are there any side effects to Hydrotherapy?

There are no serious side effects. Some patients have reported having a sensitivity to chlorine and have come up with a small rash. These patients are then transferred over to a land based program.

Feeling tired is very normal. We recommend you don't plan anything heavy to do the day of your hydrotherapy session.
Dehydration is also a normal side effect, as you are working hard. Water is is recommended during and after your session to replace body fluids. If you have Diabetes consider replacing sugars.

When is hydrotherapy not appropriate?

There are some conditions which are better suited to land based rather than hydrotherapy.

These can include:
Uncontrolled hypertension (high blood pressure)
Very recent surgery – wounds are still open or sutured.
Infections – such as the flu, Diahorrea,Urinary tract infection, Eye, Ear, Thrush, Tinea.
High temperatures or fever
Acute cardiac (heart) conditions
Faecal incontinence

What do I bring to my first visit?

If you have a referral, please bring that with you.
Any recent and relevant scans, (xray, CT, MRI)
If you are planning on undertaking hydrotherapy treatment, or are unsure please alo bring
* A towel
* Appropriate swim attire (See swim attire policy here)
* A bottle of water
* Thongs to wear in the shower

How long is a consultation?

Treatment may vary depending on injury and degree of disability, on average treatments take between
45 minutes to 1 hour. This Includes is a comprehensive one on one consultation with our
treating therapists.